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Brake Pad Options

On beautifully clear fall days, I love to get out and explore nature by taking a drive up and into the mountains. Every minute the tires touch the road takes me farther away from the city and closer to the foothills of the old and mystic, Appalachian Mountains.

The feeling I get when I’m in a place where nature is left alone the way it was intended is simply supreme joy and inner peace. Besides the freshest air that can ever be breathed – what really captures my attention is how the sun blankets itself upon the forested canvas of oranges, golds, reds, coppers and maroon leaves - blending effortlessly together like my morning smoothie.

The challenge is trying not to indulge too heavily on the visual buffet when driving. That’s why it’s best to find a good lookout point, park (with the parking brake), and observe the scenery without distraction. Getting to that safe destination however can be quite a feat! Even being fully focused on the road in mountainous regions or in other conditions makes you appreciate healthy vehicle brakes and brake pads.

There are many types and grades of brake pads. Sometimes it’s a simple as good-better-best, and other times it more about selecting the brake pad that meets your particular needs. First of all, you should always use brake pads that at least meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. You can consider upgrades from there.

Different brake pads help provide enhanced braking power or reduce brake dust – others feature materials that make them quieter for those who like a more relaxing ride.

Either way: twisting turns, wet conditions, high heat or performance based vehicles all require attention when brake pads are concerned. Whether your braking needs are typical or more extreme, we can help you with what you need. Talk with your Service Advisor if you want more from your brakes.

Posted December, 3rd 2015

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